Your tax planning strategies and real estate assets can be an important part of your wealth-building plan. We help clients in both of these areas

Tax Planning

With the right tax strategies, you can successfully and legally reduce your tax liability. Whether you own a small business or have a moderate-to-high income, we can help you find tax reduction options.

Ultimately, your ideal tax planning strategies will enable you to grow and preserve your assets by reducing what you must pay in taxes.

Our team remains up-to-date on tax law, the complex tax code and new tax regulations. We can make sure you pay no more than you absolutely must.

You can often reduce taxes by:

  • Reducing your taxable income with income shifting or deferral
  • Maximizing deductions
  • Investing in tax-advantaged assets or products
  • Adopting the optimal year-end tax strategies

To be successful, your tax planning should be a year-round endeavor. Sherwood Capital can help understand the tax consequences of your investments including:

  • 1031 exchanges
  • Tax-exempt and tax-deferred investments
  • Tax straddles
  • Passive income gains and losses
  • Securities and mutual fund taxes, etc.

To develop the best tax plan for you, please contact us.

Real Estate

For many individuals and business, real estate is an important part of their financial portfolio.

Our professional team can assist you in a full range of transactions related to your real estate holdings.

Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking at buying, selling or leasing commercial property, speak to us. We will help you make the best financial decisions for your real estate purchases or leasing contracts.

Our team can help commercial clients negotiate real estate transactions and leases.  We can also provide tax and financial consulting services for commercial and residential real estate development and syndications.

Residential Real Estate

If you need help in purchasing residential real estate, our team can help you with both purchase and financing advisory. We can also help with negotiating the transaction and, if appropriate, creating a trust to hold the asset.

Main Office

The company serves clients throughout the Washington DC metro area from its convenient main office in Tysons, Virginia at:

8133 Leesburg Pike, Suite 400
Vienna, VA 22182.

Phone: (571) 765-4120