Our team will select the best retirement plan options to fit your needs. We work with business owners and individuals. We can evaluate your current plan and suggest adjustments or we can help you establish a plan from scratch.

Retirement Plans Designed for Business Owners
If you own a business, we can help you develop a unique plan to maximize the amount you can contribute to your retirement. Small business owners can develop a plans to set aside as much as $125,000 per year in retirement funds. These plans work especially well for professional service providers, technology entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc.

Plans focused on just the business owner can take the form of a SEP, SIMPLE or a Solo 401(k). All of these plans enable a single practitioner or small business owner to shield income for current taxes and to save money for retirement.

Retirement Plans Designed for Owners and Employees
If you own a small to midsized business, you can opt to develop a retirement plan to maximize benefits for you and for your employees.

Plans focused on owners and employees alike can take a variety of forms, such as a:

  • 401(k) Plan –With this defined-contribution plan, employers establish a plan to which eligible employees may make salary-deferred contributions. As the employer, you can elect (but are not required) to make a matching contribution to eligible employees’ accounts. Employers can also add a profit-sharing element to a 401(k). Under this type of plan, each participant’s account accrues tax-deferred earnings.
  • Defined Benefit Plan –With this type of plan, the employer establishes retirement contributions for an employee-based on a formula, which considers factors such as the employee’s salary, length of employment, etc. Under these plans, the employer manages the retirement portfolio for employees and assumes the risk. These plans can restrict when and how employees withdraw funds without penalties.
  • Profit-Sharing Plan –For this type of plan, employers allot employees a portion of the company’s profits. Participating employees receive their percentage based on the company’s earnings.

Our Services
We will work with you to structure the best retirement plan for you. We work closely with payroll companies and your accounting team to establish each plan appropriately.

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