At each stage of your life, you must make important financial decisions. Our team can help you make the right decision for your current situation and for the future.

To help you develop effective wealth planning strategies, our team will discuss your objectives for your family. If you own a business, we will also review your current ownership structure. Our team includes experts in tax, business and trust law. We can help you develop a comprehensive wealth plan.

Why Wealth Planning is Important

You worked hard to build your personal and family wealth. Once you reach a level of success, you face new challenges to preserve your wealth and pass along a legacy to your heirs. Wealth planning helps you preserve your assets and develop an effective transition plan.

Our comprehensive wealth planning assistance includes the following services.

Traditional and complex tax planning
Taxes can deplete wealth and reduce the value you can transfer to your dependents or to your chosen charities. With careful tax planning, we can help you minimize your taxes and your estate’s taxes.

Wealth transfer strategies
If you do not plan a tax-efficient way to transfer wealth, you may greatly reduce the amount of wealth you provide to your heirs.

If you want to maximize the amount available to your heirs, we can help you develop a plan to transfer assets in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Estate and trust planning
With an estate plan, you decide where your assets should go after your death. If you do not plan this properly, you risk leaving chaos to your heirs. You have many options and the planning and implementation of estate plans are often complex.

Our professionals keep up-to-date on the constantly changing estate tax laws. We can help you navigate through the complexity and build an estate plan that is ideal for you and for your family.

In some cases, a trust is an excellent and tax-advantaged vehicle to use to transfer assets. With a trust, your estate can avoid the high-cost and lengthy delays of probate.

To setup and execute a trust properly, you need guidance from an experienced team. Our professionals can help you determine if a trust is appropriate for you. If a trust is appropriate, our experienced team will guide you through the set-up process.

Charitable Gift planning
Do you have a strong attachment to certain causes? Do you want to financially support those causes but want to do that as efficiently as possible? We help clients develop short-term and long-term plans for charitable giving.

We can help you discover planning strategies that can support your chosen charities without straining the long-term finances for you and your family. Some charitable gift planning strategies enable you to support your select cause and provide you with valuable tax benefits and income streams.

Retirement and Social Security Planning
If you are nearing retirement, one important decision to make is when to take your social security. The best timing for you really depends on your situation. If you do not time your starting benefits correctly, you can lose thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

We can help you decide when to take social security and consider a variety of strategies to maximize your social security benefits.

For example, many couples often overlooked a technique called file and suspend. With this strategy a higher-income, older spouse files and suspends his or her social security benefits at full-retirement age. The lower-earning, younger spouse can then take the spousal social security spousal.

This strategy can greatly increase a couples ultimate social security benefits and works best if both spouses are in good health with an average or better life expectancy. We can help you determine if this or other strategies are best for you.

We can also help with complete retirement planning services.

For information on any of our wealth building or retirement strategies, contact us today.

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